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Performance Driven Design

The Flux mission is to disrupt and innovate through technology and design. We create products that will reduce the number of putts for an average golfer and improve their game. Flux Golf’s tour relevant designs, tailored options and best in class performance enables us to provide widespread access to a proven superior putting experience.

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$225 and $250 gets you in the party with our 2019 models along with the best technology in the industry. DARtech - Directional Angular Rotation. All of our testing was completed independently through Quintic and the verdict is out. Our technology produces more consistent outcomes over anyone. If you’re putting with something else, you’re loosing strokes. We are excited to offer the UNITY (micro-blade), the HARMONY (Tour Blade) with our proprietary DARtech face insert.

10 years in the making.

DARtech - Directional Angular Rotation

Golf ball strike results are inconsistent based on many elements. Controlling spin on a golf ball is one of the main problems. Most putter strikes have some form of side spin and backspin that take the ball off the intended line. The material / pattern alliance that we've developed can resolve these variables by creating OVERSPIN at a consistent launch angle in a uniform direction. Physics innately will orient golf ball oscillation from the moment of force in a singular direction. DARtech offers the ability to control spin for more favorable repeatable outcomes


Innovation Lab:
R/D in session.

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Insert Life:


Over 40 USGA conforming putters launched under our belt and blessed by working with the top players in the sport. Our pursuit for performance is never quenched.

John Bergquist is our founder. He has been studying the nuances of putter / insert design for the past 12 years. His putters have won 4 victories on the PGA and Champions Tour and dozens of top tens across all global tours.


Sacred Land:
Spirit of our product.

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Who / What
is FLUX?


What was the genesis for Flux Golf? FLUX is an exploration of material science relevance in putter face technology. While weight and form can be engineered into any putter, our pursuit of performance is balanced by refined geometry with tour relevant design.
Customer Service = Honesty. Give the player a quality product for an sensible price. This belief represents the overall brand affinity we want to have with our customers. 

Our putters are tested and proven by Quintic and Trackman to be the most consistent roll in golf, and the only face insert technology to actually create overspin directly off of contact. ALL CHALLENGERS WELCOME.